No(w) Saxophone


Saxophonist Peter Verdonck and MATRIX [New Music Centre] have collected 8 pieces for saxophone solo or saxophone and piano for our new publication (N)ow Saxophone. During the search for existing music, the different levels of playing in the Flemish system of part- time, after-school art education (DKO levels) were always kept in mind, in order to introduce students of all levels and ages to some of the more accesible extended techniques on saxophone. We tried to combine the joy of playing, creativity and personal interpretation in all of the pieces so that the extended playing techniques are not an abstract exercise but a part of the bigger story.

Peter Verdonck’s Hot Coco Solo (or Hot Contemporary Concert Solo Piece) was composed especially for this publication. In the faster con moto movement, rhythms in 7/8 are altered with quarter tones and timbre thrills. This requires a technical analysis by both student and teacher. Once the student masters these peculiar key combinations, the piece’s (temporal) structure and its musical development should no longer be an issue. In the slower lento movements, the tempo is not strictly determined. Here, the student can experiment with timbre thrills.

Juan María Solare’s La beauté du geste is played by sole use of the keys. The player decides the order of the motifs to be played. The pitch of the key clicks is relative to that. Silence also plays an important role here. The player is not only confronted by a new (technical) challenge and a new way of thinking, but also with the idea of the performance as such. Although the composer indicates that the work is written for tenor saxophone (or lower), it can be played on any saxophone. Score