About us

Performing contemporary music can be challenging, especially for amateur musicians. In order to lower the threshold and facilitate the first step towards this oeuvre, we created this blog. It will function as a gathering place for scores, videos, tips and contact information of previous performers. In short, this blog will (hopefully) encourage non-professional musicians of all ages to discover the wonderful world of new music.

Contact us at: info@hands-on-music.org

An initiative of MATRIX [New Music Centre]

MATRIX [New Music Centre] is a multi-facetted organisation specialized in new music (‘classical’ music since 1950). Its documentation centre houses a large collection of scores, recordings and books on contemporary music. Acces is free for all, and our library staff is happy to show you around. MATRIX also realises educational projects on new music. We develop all sorts of activities to introduce children, youth and adults to new music. MATRIX collaborates closely with a.o. festivals, concert halls, music schools and schools.

MATRIX is supported by the Flemish Community, the City of Leuven, the University of Leuven and Cera.