Dan Tramte: Degradative Interference LITE for guitar and video (2015)

Instrumentation: guitar and video
Contact: datramt@gmail.com

Degradative interference LITE for guitar, objects, and vine videos is a spinoff of a larger work for electric guitar called degradative interference. These pieces are modeled after the experience of scrolling through Instagram feeds, as we casually stop to view a short repeating video for a moment, and then scroll onward. While we effortlessly browse, we witness the hyperactive noise of the web—a disparity analogous to the relationship between the audience and the performer, who assumes a virtual role as the actor of the video in this piece.

Video for performance

This piece is also part of a publication No(w) guitar with pieces for amateur guitarist by Lundén, Kreidler, Steen-Andersen, Malaussena and Tramte